A Message About Postpartum Healing...

With all of the amazing changes our bodies go through to grow a baby during pregnancy, I think we need to give ourselves some grace when it comes to recovery postpartum. Although we may be given the green light by our medical practitioners at 6 weeks to return to exercise (and anything else we’d like to do!), let’s be real here, that’s NOT enough time!

During those 9 months, our abs stretched out and we likely developed a common muscle separation down the middle, our posture changed due to more weight in the front, our pelvic floor had to handle a lot of extra pressure on it, our ribs spread to make room affecting our breathing pattern, and we likely have ligament laxity due to hormonal changes… whew!! And that’s just some of the changes we have experienced. Even if you feel mentally ready to return to your previous exercise, we need to give our core and pelvic floor time to recover!

I have an upcoming class which is the first in a series for return to fitness and postpartum healing. Here, we will build that healthy foundation to prevent and/or heal things like back/hip/pelvic pain, leaking, pelvic organ prolapse, and abdominal muscle separation. The course is open to Mamas at ANY stage postpartum. Even years. Even 20 years. ;) If you’re having trouble getting back to the activities you love or you want to prevent any issues in future, let me help you!!

Please feel free to email me with ANY questions and I hope to see you October 23rd!!

-Cara Cara@pathwaysdurango.com

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