“As a mountain ultra-distance runner, I depend on physical therapy to repair injuries, maintain a fit body, and aid recovery. Cindy Schmidt is an excellent PT for athletes. My first office visit was to address a specific injury. Cindy thoroughly assessed my injury and designed a treatment plan that included rehabilitation and maintenance. Her intuitive approach incorporated recovery methods that increased my overall recovery time. I continue to work with Cindy on a regular basis – two to three times a month – to maintain a healthy body, which ultimately improves my overall performance. Since working with Cindy – I have achieved my performance goals! I highly recommend Cindy for a holistic approach to Physical Therapy.”
~Missy Gosney

“I ran 100 miles in two days and just totally trashed my legs, such that I couldn’t even walk without pain. I am super grateful to Cindy for helping me get back on my feet. She was super kind and helpful and understanding with everything, and she did everything possible to get me running again as soon as possible.”
~ Dakota Jones

“As an avid climber, I have suffered from chronic tightness in my upper back, neck, shoulders, and traps. While visiting Durango, I contacted Pathways and was able to get an appointment extremely quick. I was greeted at the door and received two treatments of dry needling within a matter of days. After my first session with Melissa, my full range of motion returned and I had my first pain-free climbing session in almost 6 months. I am forever grateful for returning to my favorite activity in such a quick timeframe.” ~Trey Bell

Cara Cage was my physical therapist while she was here in California working for a clinic in San Jose. She was knowledgeable, professional, and very skilled. As an added bonus she is also extremely patient, encouraging, and empathetic. I would highly recommend her if you are looking for an experienced physical therapist. ~ToAnh Nguyen Crutchfield

“Thanks to Cindy, I came back to running feeling refreshed and recovered after a huge Nolans14 effort much quicker than usual. We worked with Frequency Specific Microcurrent for the lymphatic system reboot and Dry Needling to wake the legs up. I would definitely recommend a visit to Cindy for all issues big and small, physical, adrenal and emotional.” ~Anna Frost

“Cindy is an incredibly skilled Physical Therapist who has significantly improved the function of my body and the injuries I have been challenged with. I appreciate and value greatly her holistic approach to healing; mind, body, and spirit. She creates an inviting and safe place and is very easy to talk to. After seeing her the first time and receiving treatment for my ankle injury which left me out of physical activity for a month, I noticed significant improvement over the following week and was back to putting weight on it and starting to exercise within 2 weeks. I remember thinking, “That was like a Magic Treatment!” Not only did it help my targeted injury, but i noticed the positive effect it created on my mood through the treatment she gave me. I returned to receive treatment from Cindy 3 weeks ago with a shoulder cuff injury. The moment it happened, I knew I needed to see her. Here I am 3 weeks later using my shoulder with no pain and full weight. I can confidently say that the full quick recovery goes to to the treatment and expertise of Cindy. If you have any physical/emotional challenges/injuries, I highly recommend seeing Cindy for your treatment and seeing for yourself the wonders she can do for your healing!”

~ Amy Schweim

“I love to ride my road bike and run. For the past couple years, I had been having hip flexor pain whenever I ran more than 5 miles. I did the Narrow Gauge 10 Mile Run in May but started suffering at mile 7 and finished the run but it wasn’t pretty and it was disappointing. A few weeks later I was running the Steamworks Half and DNF’d because I only made it halfway through before the hip flexor pain began. Luckily I talked to a friend who happens to be a professional athlete and she recommended Cindy. Cindy started slow with the dry needling therapy, after a few sessions introduced the microcurrent treatment, recommended different running shoes, and provided exercises to do daily. After 4 sessions I was able to run 10 miles without pain! I am now looking forward to the Mount Sneffels Half Marathon.”

~ Gail Smith

“Percent improvement: 100%! I came to you with a persistent gluteal & hamstring problem that was keeping me from my beloved hikes & walks. You evaluated & discussed other imbalances & chronic issues that contributed to the problem, to a more thorough extent than I’d experienced before. I appreciate that your grounding in accepted allopathic principles of PT is joined with your study of yoga, reiki, and mindfulness practice. You’re a great listener, Cindy, and your kindness always shines through. I look forward to seeing you the next time I’m in need of wise counsel for staying active & comfortable. Many thanks for helping me get back to hiking, cross-country skiing, and yoga again!”

~Pat Roach

“I developed fairly severe calf pain in my first year of intensive running. A friend suggested I see Cindy for some treatments, which I did. Cindy not only helped my calf pain through dry needling and cupping treatments, but she also helped me to improve my running form. Being an athlete herself, Cindy understands body mechanics, and with a few simple suggestions, helped me to run better. Obviously, treating the underlying issues is key to long-term health. Cindy has the ability to key into both the acute problem and also what caused it. Cindy has a great manner and is very comfortable to work with. My recovery occurred over the course of a few weeks, and I was soon able to run pain-free, longer, faster and with more enjoyment. I credit Cindy with enabling me to recover and improve at the same time. This was added-value I did not expect when I first went to Cindy, and I look forward to working with her on a continued basis to keep tuned-up.
Thanks Cindy!!”

~Todd Kearns

“I have been dealing with knots along my shoulder blade for 19 years that started at my neck and went all the way down to my rib cage. I was taking 6, 10mg of Lortab a day to deal with the pain. After about 4 treatments, my area of pain on most days has been reduced to about the size of a half-dollar coin at the base of my neck and my pain pills have been reduced to 2-3 a day. Overall I have seen 70% improvement since starting Physical Therapy with Cindy.”

~Wayne Nabors

“Participating in the Mindful Life Program with Cindy deepened my daily experiences. I really valued talking with Cindy and getting her perspective on several things I was struggling with. The weekly check-ins and meditation sessions with her were just what I needed to ground and open myself to inevitable change. I appreciated her guidance through the eight weeks and have integrated the program into my daily routine.”

~Teresa Shishim

“The pain in my hip before I came to Pathways was constant – some times worse than others. Walking, climbing stairs and dancing were painful at times. Now I can move more freely without any problem. Also I had a spot in my neck that was always painful (and headaches). I did deep massage weekly. Now I do not feel like I even need massage. I am very happy with my results. Overall, I have seen 95% improvement since beginning Physical Therapy with Cindy.”

~LaDawn Rogers

“I was in an auto accident years ago, which messed up my back and right sciatic nerve. Dry Needling has done an amazing job at decreasing my pain. Before Dry Needling, I could only do something physical, such as gardening, for a few minutes before my low back would be in so much pain, I would have to stop and lay down. Today, I can work up to an hour before having to stop and do my exercises and lay down to rest my back. Before Dry Needling, I couldn’t squat down at all. Now I am able to squat down for a short period of time and the length is increasing. Overall, I have seen 50% improvement since starting Physical Therapy. Thank you, Cindy!!”

~Joyce Nabors

“Cindy’s talents are wonderful and amazing, she worked with what my body needed, I always enjoyed being around her, her energy and presence are as healing as the work she does!”

~Cindy Dickey

“A calming, welcoming and comforting atmosphere is what a new client will find upon arrival. A warm, deeper understanding of the causes and cures for pain is what you will leave with. A life-time to heal and learn. Wonderful!!”

~Kathy Bachlet

I went to Cindy after I experienced an avulsion fracture on my foot. I not only recovered quickly, her concern for my health and well-being aided my mental attitude about the injury. Cindy has a healing focus and I heartily recommend her services. She made a difference for me.”

~Al Kreinberg

“Cindy was a great listener and communicator throughout the PT process. I had chronic pain in my foot that affected my ability to hike and run. Cindy fixed me up 100% and now I am looking forward to ski season!”

~Wendy Haugen

“Cindy is amazing! I was in neck pain every single day, and even told I may need surgery until I started seeing her. She is caring, gentle, and truly cares about the entire picture.”

~Julie Dirschl